Past Years

2013: Remove Housing Barriers & Enact Fair Tenant Screening Act

The rental application and screening process presents a number of barriers for many people. For years, housing advocates in Washington have worked to make the process more transparent and fair. This year we celebrated a big victory when Fair Tenant Screening Act was signed into law. It protects survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking from discrimination when they are applying for housing.

2013: Protect the Housing & Essential Needs Program (aka Disability Lifeline)

Many YWCA clients are recipients of Housing and Essential Needs (HEN) assistance. HEN provides rental assistance for the thousands of Washingtonians who find themselves on the edge of homelessness due to an injury or illness. A related program, Aged, Blind & Disabled (ABD), provides medical care and up to $197/month in cash assistance to low-income adults who are permanently disabled. These programs help the state’s extremely vulnerable keep their homes, but they are often the most vulnerable programs when it comes to budget cuts. Thanks to your advocacy, these programs were protected from further cuts in 2013. 

2013: Invest in the Housing Trust Fund

The Housing Trust Fund is the #1 tool for building, renovating, and maintaining affordable housing in Washington state. The majority of people living in housing supported by the Housing Trust Fund make less than $19,000/year for a family of three. Because of this important impact on our community, we’ve advocated for a sizeable investment in the Housing Trust Fund and the future of families.