Past Years

2014: Invest in the Housing Trust Fund

The Housing Trust Fund is Washington’s best tool for creating and maintaining affordable homes. Because soaring market-rate rent prices are out of reach for many low-income families, the Fund is vital for keeping families in safe, decent homes. The majority of people living in homes built by the Fund have extremely low incomes, earning less than $19,000 for a family of three. 

2014: Remove Housing Barriers & Enact Fair Tenant Screening Act, Part 3

If you’ve had to look for rental housing, then you know that the screening fees can add up quickly. During a single housing search, the average prospective tenant spends more than $166 in fees. This can be a real challenge for low-income families, and it’s an unnecessary burden because much of the information in the reports is the same. Advocates are working to create a portable, standardized report that a renter could share with multiple potential landlords.