Housing Trust Fund Investment

It’s time to say thank you! With session now over, our legislators funded the Trust Fund at $67.1 million and invested in our state’s economic future.

What is It?

The Washington Housing Trust Fund provides housing access to those most vulnerable to homelessness. Since 1989, this capital investment fund has successfully built, rehabilitated and preserved more than 36,000 healthy and affordable homes across the state.  Additionally, the Washington Housing Trust Fund is an important engine of economic growth for our state.  For every dollar invested, local economies see $5.50 in return through job creation and greater incoming resources.

Why Does It Matter?

The majority of people living in homes supported by the Housing Trust Fund are low-income, earning less than $19,000 annually for a family of three. Investment in the trust fund addresses the growing need for affordable housing. Investment in the Housing Trust Fund is a capital budget item and the original House proposal of $100 million was adjusted to $60 million. The Senate proposal began at $5 million and changed to $30 million. Both proposals were in heavy negotiation through the entire budget creation process. 

Regular session was set to end on Tuesday, April 10th, but the Governor called a second special session in order to figure the budget. After staying up all night, the legislature did! On the morning of April 10th, the news came that the budget was finalized and the Housing Trust Fund received an investment of $67.1 million.

What Can You Do?

  1. Say thank you! Share your appreciation with our legislators and advocates by leaving a comment below. 
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