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Making Change By Telling True Stories

Dan Lamont is a photojournalist. In 2010 he created multimedia stories on family homelessness as a Seattle University Journalism Fellow funded by a grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Mechanisms and avenues for telling these stories have changed. The old publishing venues and supporting business structures have crumbled. What has come to take their place is exciting and rife with potential but still unformed and unpredictable. Those who want to report on important social issues must find new ways in this noisy new media environment. Here Dan shares some creative new media opportunities for supporting social change.

Stand Against Racism: We Don’t Hire Your Kind Here

Our Stand Against Racism series kicks off with the YWCA Seattle I King I Snohomish Employment and Regional Services Director, Matt King, exploring the impact of racism in the criminal justice system. Discrimination may no longer be legal against groups defined by race, gender or other protected characteristics.  But there is at least one group against whom discrimination in employment and housing remains legal – those with criminal records. What does this have to do with race? Read on!

Social Media and Community Building: A Homelessness Advocate Perspective

Carey and her daughter Maggie, photo thanks to
Carey and her daughter Maggie, photo thanks to

(Photo thanks to

Carey Fuller manages multiple social media accounts with vibrant online communities. She is also experiencing homelessness. Living in Kent, WA, with her two daughters, Carey shares her perspective on online community and social media advocacy that can positively impact the homeless community.

Session Ends and Advocacy Works!

Great news this morning. After working through the night, legislators agreed upon a budget and session has come to a close! What's in the budget? $67.1 million for the Housing Trust Fund, Housing Essential Needs fully funded, no cuts to TANF and Disabililty Lifeline Medical saved! 

Advocacy works and we are so grateful for everyone who added their voice during this last session. Our two Firesteel priority bills, the Housing Trust Fund and EHB2048 document recording fees, both received the support they needed. It's time to celebrate all the hard work that was put into these passing! 

Stand Against Racism

In just over a week, we will begin another series called Stand Against Racism. Every year the YWCA aims to eliminate racism by raising awareness in an event called Stand Against Racism. YWCAs across the nation and other organizations are invited to participate in the event by coordinating their own "stand" on April 27, 2012. Community members are welcome to join any "stand", culminating in hundreds of thousands of people taking a Stand Against Racism across the US.    

Want to learn more about how Firesteel plans to participate? earn More.

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