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Photo Friday: Adriana

"Adriana" , by Mary Larson, SOLD for 3,000 peanut butter & jelly sandwiches.

In Mary's own words from her website:

I am an artist & a nurse who works with the homeless. The subjects of my portraits are the patients I help take care of at the clinic where I work. Many of the sitters in my portraits are homeless; some are not. All have been touched by homelessness. There are items that are luxuries for people who are homeless; socks (often worn 2 months at a time), gloves, hats, underwear, & a cup of coffee. Instead of putting a dollar value on my portraits, I sell them in exchange for items that are given to our patients at the clinic & to other organizations that provide for those in need in Seattle.

My Summer Movie List: Recent Films Exploring Homelessness

It's summer movie blockbuster time! With movies on the brain, I've compiled a handful of more recent movies that explore stories of homelessness. Some are now out on video while others are yet to be released. Some are local to the Seattle area and others take place in different parts of the world. Get ready to be challenged and inspired at the same time! 

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