Spark Change Podcast Episode 1: Google+ Hangouts

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In our very first podcast, Erin Murphy and Denise Miller of Firesteel share ideas for using Google+ Hangouts to advance advocacy. Hangouts are a very accessible way to connect people, wherever they are, and to create an archive of their video conversations.

At Firesteel, we test a lot of new media tools as we mobilize our community to advocate for an end to homelessness. The purpose of the Spark Change Podcast is to share what we've learned, and to help other advocates use these tools.

Domestic Violence: Sue’s Story

Sue's former partner seemed like a nice guy at first. When they moved in together, though, the difference was night and day. He beat her so badly that she frequented the emergency room. He completely controlled her finances, and isolated her from her friends and family so she was trapped. On this last day of Domestic Violence Awareness Month, hear Sue's story, and find out what you can do to help end the cycle of abuse.

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