We’re Here! Now What ARE We?

Welcome to Firesteel! Want to know what we’re about? I’m excited to tell you!

Firesteel is your platform for social change, led by Washington YWCAs. A community of shared knowledge with a commitment to end homelessness in Washington state, we believe we can make a difference.

How, you ask? Well, we are a statewide advocacy network that is about all about structural change. We will be looking beyond individual choices and tackling the institutional barriers that can often cause homelessness. To break it down even more, we’ll be doing that in the following three ways:

  • Collaboration: The emphasis is on relationships. Our state partners are incredible service providers and advocates. Firesteel enhances the outreach and advocacy efforts of all our partners by sharing resources, capacity, and strengths of all those involved.
  • Advocacy: Firesteel is the nexus of information, providing dynamic and creative advocacy opportunities to directly impact state policy and create a truly fair playing field for women and families. Consider it a voter’s guide but for a specific issue: homelessness. Want to know who works in this area? Have an interest in knowing the hot topics that people are talking about? Or just want to know how to get involved to help those experiencing homelessness? Come to Firesteel to scope it all out.
  • Community: Visit out of curiosity but come back for the camaraderie! We invite you into the conversation and offer tools for engagement. This is a website tailored for you because we want to hear your voice.

You might be wondering, who is behind this vision? I am only one person in this amazing partnership across 8 Washington YWCAs and our community partners, but as the Director of this project, you’ll probably hear from me a lot. You might be curious to see what I look like, put a face to a name and all that. So here you go! A personal welcome to Firesteel:

 Are you ready to add your voice? We want to hear it!

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