The New Firesteel (Coming Soon)

Eric Bronson taking over the reins of Firesteel
Eric Bronson taking over the reins of Firesteel

Written by Eric Bronson, Interim Firesteel Advocacy Manager.

Welcome back to the Firesteel Blog, my name is Eric Bronson and I am the new Firesteel Advocacy Manager! I’m proud to join Firesteel and to be a part of the incredible work that is being done every day by YWCA programs across the globe.

I am excited for the big changes that are coming soon to the Firesteel blog and our social media platforms. To better fulfill our goals of empowering women, ending racism, and standing up for social justice, we will be building new tools and partnerships to expand the advocacy power of our whole community.

Now is the time for this type of bold initiative. With a toxic national political climate driving a slew of policies that disproportionately impact women and girls of color, it is vital that we strive for a more equitable Washington State and that we hold our representatives accountable to that vision. You can make your voice heard today, on Equal Pay Day, to support enforcing equal pay law in Washington by urging your Senators to pass the Equal Pay Opportunity Act.

Firesteel will not only be focused on Washington though. We know that advocacy for social justice is needed at every level of political engagement, and that our role is to provide accessible action that targets the systemic causes of racial and economic disparity. Be on the lookout for fantastic new things coming from Firesteel in the near future!

What would you like to see for the future of Firesteel? Send us your ideas by messaging us on Twitter, posting to our Facebook page, or emailing us at

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